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A Day at the New Brunswick Races

The ancient Greeks and Romans considered harness racing to be the highest form of horse racing. The driver in his chariot careening around an oval track and doing battle with his fellow competitors. The drivers risk life and limb, as the horses charge toward the finishing line. It is a test of nerve and strategy; with mud flying back from hooves and wheels. Whips are cracking and the sulkies rocking like Achilles at Troy, dragging the defeated body of Hector behind him. Only one can win: and you can back your choice to win big.

A Day at the New Brunswick Races

New Brunswick harness racing at Fredericton Raceway (Canada’s oldest horse racing track) and Exhibition Park Raceway (Saint John) delivers the thrills and spills that only this kind of horse racing can. Come along and experience a great day of racing with all the family and see these beautiful horses compete for the glory of victory. A day at the New Brunswick Races will ring some bells and get your blood pumping. High speed horse racing raises the temperature and while in New Brunswick why not have a few bets on local horse racing to make it interesting.

The Winners Lounge at Fredericton Raceway is a great place to enjoy a few drinks and hosts one of the top-rated Chinese restaurants in town. Spend some of your winnings on something sweet and sour and get a few egg rolls to go with that grin on your face. Nothing excites like picking winners and being rewarded for your skill, and dare I say luck. Life is good when you can share the buzz of horse racing with those near and dear to you. Take a loved one or, perhaps, someone you would like to soon be a loved one.

Horse racing, they say, is the sport of kings (and their queens I am sure). Enjoy swanning about amid the fashions and the glamour. A day at the New Brunswick Races may bring manna from heaven to your wallet or purse. The Sulky Room at Exhibition Park Raceway is a great place to share the joy and get your bets on at tracks all over North America. Standard bred racing is great to watch and fun to bet on. Make sure that you add this experience to your bucket list, it is a must. Feel the fever and chant your horse’s name, as they charge down the straight toward that finishing line.