Brunswick Heads is the new Byron Bay

If you live in the Gold Coast region of Australia or have simply ever driven south along the scenic M1 Highway, then you almost certainly are familiar with Byron Bay. Well-known and ideally situated on the beautiful east coast of Australia, Byron Bay has become something of a local Mecca for tourists and sun seekers. Far less crowded than any beach on the Gold Coast, Byron Bay used to be the go-to spot for individuals seeking to get out and away from the crowds and bustle of the city.

What Happened to Bryon Bay?

Cleaner skies, less traffic, and an overall idyllic landscape – Byron Bay used to have it all. However, as its fame has increased, unfortunately so too has the number of people vacationing there. With the rise of popularity, Byron Bay has lost many of the qualities that brought people there in the first place – peace, tranquillity, and empty beauty that individuals seeking to get away from the hustle and bustle used to enjoy.

Even finding parking in Byron Bay is becoming increasingly difficult at certain times of the year. As the inevitable result of more tourism due to more individuals coming to Byron Bay is the simple law of economics that pricing for everything went up as well. Byron Bay is no longer the quiet, affordable, seaside town that it used to be. Individuals now find difficulty in getting affordable hotel reservations, and, at certain times the year, even crowding at local restaurants. The fact is, Byron Bay is simply not the place that it used to be. However, don’t give up those vacation plans just yet because a few miles north of Byron Bay is someplace you probably drove through and never even realized was someplace worth stopping.

Brunswick Heads – the new Byron Bay

Brunswick Heads is a few miles north of Byron Bay, which already is better positioning itself because of the shorter drive to reach it from the Gold Coast region. At a local level, it is also becoming something of an insider spot for small businesses doing digital marketing and SEO well. With just a few thousand people in the town, it is both large enough to accommodate the needs of any family or vacationer, and yet small enough to have a small town feel and the safety that goes with a community who know each other and care about their city.

Brunswick Heads is an ideal spot to get away from it all and do so with the affordability that used to be a staple of Byron Bay. At nearly all times of the year, it is quite easy to get affordable lodging at Brunswick Heads, as well as not having to jostle for position at local restaurants or beaches. Brunswick Heads is one of those small towns that reminds people of the simple beauty of Eastern Australia. Many people drive through and few stop to admire all the things that the area offers. Don’t be one who is tempted by greater reputation because Brunswick Heads is the go-to spot for people who seek to enjoy Australian relaxation as it used to be.