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A Day at the New Brunswick Races

The ancient Greeks and Romans considered harness racing to be the highest form of horse racing. The driver in his chariot careening around an oval track and doing battle with his fellow competitors. The drivers risk life and limb, as the horses charge toward the finishing line. It is a test of nerve and strategy; with mud flying back from hooves and wheels. Whips are cracking and the sulkies rocking like Achilles at Troy, dragging the defeated body of Hector behind him. Only one can win: and you can back your choice to win big.

A Day at the New Brunswick Races

New Brunswick harness racing at Fredericton Raceway (Canada’s oldest horse racing track) and Exhibition Park Raceway (Saint John) delivers the thrills and spills that only this kind of horse racing can. Come along and experience a great day of racing with all the family and see these beautiful horses compete for the glory of victory. A day at the New Brunswick Races will ring some bells and get your blood pumping. High speed horse racing raises the temperature and while in New Brunswick why not have a few bets on local horse racing to make it interesting.

The Winners Lounge at Fredericton Raceway is a great place to enjoy a few drinks and hosts one of the top-rated Chinese restaurants in town. Spend some of your winnings on something sweet and sour and get a few egg rolls to go with that grin on your face. Nothing excites like picking winners and being rewarded for your skill, and dare I say luck. Life is good when you can share the buzz of horse racing with those near and dear to you. Take a loved one or, perhaps, someone you would like to soon be a loved one.

Horse racing, they say, is the sport of kings (and their queens I am sure). Enjoy swanning about amid the fashions and the glamour. A day at the New Brunswick Races may bring manna from heaven to your wallet or purse. The Sulky Room at Exhibition Park Raceway is a great place to share the joy and get your bets on at tracks all over North America. Standard bred racing is great to watch and fun to bet on. Make sure that you add this experience to your bucket list, it is a must. Feel the fever and chant your horse’s name, as they charge down the straight toward that finishing line.

New Brunswick By Night: Yes We Have Nightlife!

New Brunswick rocks out at night with surprising nightlife stimulating even the most jaded clubber. There are some large and well-equipped facilities in New Brunswick, with ambience and style. Alternatively, there are plenty of quirky and cute bars with unique characteristics.

PO Box 3045, Stn B, Fredericton, New Brunswick

506 450 8786 ext 2.

A massive music complex, which is located on Cityview Avenue in the North of Fredericton and featuring “the Plex”. This amazing live music and performance center hosts national acts, a music store, a music school, rehearsal studio, lighting and sound production. Atlantic Canada’s largest music facility and New Brunswick’s pride and joy.

The Grad House

676 Windsor Street, Fredericton, New Brunswick

453 4757

University of New Brunswick is home to The Grad Bar, where grad students hang out and party. Live entertainment, poetry readings, events and private functions are all at home in this groovy bar. Quirky and cute corners to gravitate towards during an evening at The Grad Bar.

Vintage Bistro & Lounge

14 Centennial Road, Saint John, New Brunswick.

506 832 1212

Possibly has the finest reputation for live music in New Brunswick. Experience intimacy and hot licks at one of Canada’s top night spots. Music features several nights a week. Delicious food on the menu and a guaranteed great night out. Check out the newsletter and website for more information on the scheduled line-up of acts.

The Hollywood Star Room

1560 Route 690, Fredericton, New Brunswick.

506 357 8304

Fairly new on the New Brunswick scene, The Hollywood Star Room features live bands on weekends. Classy joint that is perfect for special stuff like events and private functions. Autographed wall is a clue to the awful name of this venue. Come on Canada don’t we hate Americans. Ladies of the night rock out here.

Mama’s Pub Restaurant

On Brookside Drive, (used to be on Main Street), North Fredericton, New Brunswick.

Small cosy joint that rocks out and serves great food as well. Loungebars and live music venue.

Compulsion Bar and Nightclub

383 King Street, Fredericton, New Brunswick.

506 472 5082

800 Main Street, Moncton, New Brunswick.

506 860 6927

Live music, great bars, what more could you want. Get along and check out this super venue.

Club Cosmo

700 Main Street, Moncton, New Brunswick.

505 857 9117

Check out Club Cosmo, the most amazing entertainment complex, which consists of dance nightclub, an alternative band section and the lounge bar. Mounties can mount up at Club Cosmo.


Marketing Your B&B Via Social Media: Instagram & Facebook

Marketing has undergone several changes and innovation in hopes to better serve its customers. A huge number of companies today are leaning towards the use of digital marketing with its huge reach and scope. The same can also be said with regards to the B&B industry as many social media profiles have appeared which aims to advertise their respective services.

There are has been a lot of innovative ways to advertise your bed and breakfast in the present. It should be noted that customer preference changes over time and it is advised that companies apply the necessary changes to make their services more relevant to their audience. This is especially important today wherein online competition is fierce.

Several B&B industries in the present make use of their own website, online directories, pay per click advertising, customer reviews and of course social media to draw more people to their site. Using Facebook, Twitter and other social networks to market your B&B is indeed a popular practice today and seeing them in the social media feels more natural and less intrusive to its audience. The reason behind this is that fellow social media users themselves share the same relevant post to their friends and followers on a regular making turning it into a normal practice.

Setting up your website for the public however, is just the very first step in marketing your business. Mastering social media for your bed & breakfast is also important and there needs to be more to your social media marketing campaign than simply creating a Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram page for your bed and breakfast and uploading a few photos every now and then. Companies need to engage their customers, encourage them to share their posts and make an effort to go viral resulting to garnering the much needed attention that is directed to your services which increases the likelihood of potential customers. Ideas and resources for marketing your bed and breakfast includes being active on social media and inviting social influencers to stay for free is also a plus. This is a person who gets 1,200 likes on Instagram every time they post which results to free publicity for your website. You have to give them some incentive however to promote your service or perhaps build a strong relation with such person for them to freely advertise your business.

Visuals for B&B on social media also play a huge role in marketing your services to online users especially with regards to your signature photo. As such, companies are advised to choose a single photo that represents the essence of their B&B. Use this photo as your online avatar for every social media profile (Google Places, Facebook, Twitter). This in turn keeps your image consistent, and helps people recognize you across multiple platforms regardless of what site they have seen your business.

For newcomers in the B&B industry, they may not have the timely and pleasantry to pursue digital marketing on a regular basis. Cost-controlled small business marketing however, were able to help manage their resources producing timely and effectively marketing campaigns that is catered specifically to small business owners. As a result, these individuals are able to start marketing campaigns without the need to spend an entire fortune.

Pathways & Walking Trails in New Brunswick Canada


New Brunswick is a maritime province on the East Coast of Canada, beside Quebec and right above Maine. It has beaches, falls, rivers, oceans, mountains, cities and small towns. The highest tides in the world can also be found here. If you love walking and hiking New Brunswick has its fair share of pathways and walking trails.  Some are built for walking, hiking and others are designed for adventurous people with expert navigation and wilderness skills. Here are some pathways and walking trails you can take in New Brunswick:

Grand Manan Lighthouse Trail
436 Whistle Rd. Grand Manan New Brunswick, Canada E5G 1B9
Tel: 1-888-525-1655
Grand Manan Lighthouse Trail is the excellent coastal walking trail in New Brunswick which is one of the best places to view whales, seabirds and porpoises as they feed below the cliffs. Other walking trails and pathways can be accessed from this point. A trail guide is recommended for those interested in walking the many trails. It’s available from the visitor information centre or any of the island’s gift shops.

International Appalachian Trail New Brunswick
New Brunswick Chapter
This world famous trail is part of the International Appalachia Trail, which follows a chain of mountains in Canada, USA, Greenland, Europe and North America. The New Brunswick part of the trail system enters through Mount Carleton Provincial Park and up and over the highest point in the Maritimes. You’ll see softwood and hardwood and wildflowers in abundance. There are also several rivers and diverse wildlife population. There are 18 bridges along this route that cross the Grog Brook. Hikers can camp on the side of the trail as there are some campgrounds along the route.

Fundy Foothpath
3 Fundy Trail Parkway Salmon River NB E5R 1W4 Canada
Tel: (506) 833-2019
Fundy Foothpath is listed in the Explore Magazine’s “50 Best Hikes in the World”. The pathways fall within the park but it’s separate from the Fundy Trail Parkway. Fundy Foothpath walking trail is a challenging wilderness that starts at the suspension bridge at Big Salmon River and hugs the coastline to the boundaries of Fundy National Park. All hikers are required to register by calling 1-866-386-3987.

Fundy Trail
3 Fundy Trail Parkway Salmon River NB E5R 1W4
Tel. (506) 833-2019
Fundy Trail is more than just a trail, it’s a 2,559-hectare park with a 19-km (12-mi.) drive hugging the coast which is picturesque like the Loire Valley. There is a new access to Long Beach stretching for 2.5 km along the bay, 3 discovery beaches, a 10-km multi-use coastal trail and several footpaths. The trail also features over 20  lookouts with awe-inspiring views, 60-meter suspension bridge, little flowerpot rock, 600 million-year-old rock formations, a 15-metre waterfall, and kayak tours.

Fredericton Trails
180 Station Rd., Trail Visitor Centre, Northside Fredericton New Brunswick, E3B 1B5
Tel. (506) 460-2041
The Fredericton Trails is comprised of 10 major trails in different length from 1.2 km to 10.7 km, 2 large parks (Odell Park and Killarney Lake Park), and 2 small nature parks. It has more than 85 km of non-motorized, multi-use trails accessible to pedestrians, cyclists, wheelchairs and baby strollers. The trails traverse both sides of the St. John River, joined by the Bill Thorpe Walking Bridge extending to city limits.

Lindsay Valley Trail
Gagetown Military Base
Tel: 506-422-2000
Lindsay Valley Trail is located at Gagetown Military Base. It contains 35 km of trails designed for walking, running, skating and cross country skiing. You can start your 5km route from the chalet and loop around the valley to your start point. Trails are rated easy and intermediate with some difficult sections. Anyone is free to use the trails at any time except when the base is on high alert or shut down.


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Cub Camp Falls Trail
Carleton County New Brunswick
Cub Camp Falls can be approached from both sides of Gibson Creek, it’s only 1.6 km from Route 105 in Northhampton. The creek was formed in a series of rapids and waterfall where Cup Camp Falls is the largest. It drops in the rock outcrop into a generous pool. You can hike along the side of the ravine to climb over downfalls and navigate around the outcrops of granite.

Lincoln Trail
Downtown Fredericton
Lincoln Trail begins at the south end of the Old Train Bridge near the Trans Canada Trail Pavilion and extends toward the city limits in Lincoln. It connects with the Cross Town trail as well as the pathway system through UNB to Priestman St. It’s ideal for walking or cycling. The Lincoln Trail is a minimum 2 hour walk or 40 minute bike ride in each direction. The trail travels through an urban setting, secluded woodland and scenic views of the Saint John River.