Marketing Your B&B Via Social Media: Instagram & Facebook

Marketing has undergone several changes and innovation in hopes to better serve its customers. A huge number of companies today are leaning towards the use of digital marketing with its huge reach and scope. The same can also be said with regards to the B&B industry as many social media profiles have appeared which aims to advertise their respective services.

There are has been a lot of innovative ways to advertise your bed and breakfast in the present. It should be noted that customer preference changes over time and it is advised that companies apply the necessary changes to make their services more relevant to their audience. This is especially important today wherein online competition is fierce.

Several B&B industries in the present make use of their own website, online directories, pay per click advertising, customer reviews and of course social media to draw more people to their site. Using Facebook, Twitter and other social networks to market your B&B is indeed a popular practice today and seeing them in the social media feels more natural and less intrusive to its audience. The reason behind this is that fellow social media users themselves share the same relevant post to their friends and followers on a regular making turning it into a normal practice.

Setting up your website for the public however, is just the very first step in marketing your business. Mastering social media for your bed & breakfast is also important and there needs to be more to your social media marketing campaign than simply creating a Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram page for your bed and breakfast and uploading a few photos every now and then. Companies need to engage their customers, encourage them to share their posts and make an effort to go viral resulting to garnering the much needed attention that is directed to your services which increases the likelihood of potential customers. Ideas and resources for marketing your bed and breakfast includes being active on social media and inviting social influencers to stay for free is also a plus. This is a person who gets 1,200 likes on Instagram every time they post which results to free publicity for your website. You have to give them some incentive however to promote your service or perhaps build a strong relation with such person for them to freely advertise your business.

Visuals for B&B on social media also play a huge role in marketing your services to online users especially with regards to your signature photo. As such, companies are advised to choose a single photo that represents the essence of their B&B. Use this photo as your online avatar for every social media profile (Google Places, Facebook, Twitter). This in turn keeps your image consistent, and helps people recognize you across multiple platforms regardless of what site they have seen your business.

For newcomers in the B&B industry, they may not have the timely and pleasantry to pursue digital marketing on a regular basis. Cost-controlled small business marketing however, were able to help manage their resources producing timely and effectively marketing campaigns that is catered specifically to small business owners. As a result, these individuals are able to start marketing campaigns without the need to spend an entire fortune.